The new.graduatevet programme

Two award-winning Scottish independent veterinary practices have come together to repeat our fantastic new graduate training programme.

'Glasgow’s Own Vets', The Pets’n’Vets Family, and Fife-based Inglis Vets, collabourate again this year with their joint new graduate training programme that will be second to none.

Grad SurgeryThe new.graduatevet programme (or ‘Dot’ programme) provides an innovative approach to new graduate training in Scotland with hands-on surgical training at Inglis Vets “Care and Save” practice in Cowdenbeath in combination with relevant and friendly seminars from experienced vets, including certificate holders, at the Pets'n'Vets Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital in Glasgow.

 Inglis Vets managing director Adam Tjolle, said: “This innovation has seen Scotland’s two leading independent vets - Inglis and the Pets’n’Vets Family bring our considerable combined expertise and facilities together to create what we believe to be the best well-rounded, supported and unique new graduate training programme available in Scotland.

Grad mentor“Support is delivered through an integrated mentor system, peer to peer learning opportunities and regular case reviews, with the Dot programme designed to integrate with,and augment thePDP requirements.”


Ross Allan, a partner in The Pets‘n’Vets Family, said: “The Dot programme 2018 will see the new graduates undertake advanced training and extra practice on surgery, consultations and general practice to accelerate their surgical skills and confidence at Inglis Vets “Care and Save”– Cowdenbeath before attending the Pets'n'Vets Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital in Glasgow’s Southside. We are proud to work with Inglis Vets to develop the program which we believe will provide a platformfor new graduates to apply the skills they’ve learned at university throughout the previous five years, and allow them to excel in their career.

“We believe our continued joint working on this venture demonstrates the willingness of progressive independent veterinary practices to work constructively together to allow both our new graduate vets, and in turn our businesses to thrive.”. And there should be considerable opportunities for the new graduate vets when they have completed their training in the combined sixteen surgeries of the two ground-breaking vet practices.

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