Friday 09th Feb, 2018


The days of every Veterinary Practice being a James Herriot style one man and his stethoscope are over. There's a plethora of types of practices. Here Adam Tjolle, of Inglis Vets explains

You know you want to be a vet, but have you thought about what kind of practice would suit you? Modern veterinary practice offers a range of practice types in which you can progress your career. There are many ways in which you can reach your final career goal and the choices that you make are highly personal.

Private practice, once the only employment type offered, is now just one of many options available. Benefits of private practice include: 

  • Ability to get involved in practice management
  • Clinical freedom when treating cases
  • Close relationships with practice team and management team

Corporate practice is a key emerging player in the veterinary sector. While performing similar work to private practices, there are some key differences: 

  • Less clinical freedom and more protocol driven practice
  • More defined benefits schemes, pay reviews and structured HR
  • Less involvement in practice management
  • Options to enter into joint venture partnerships

Charity practice offers another way to gain clinical experience. The pace of work is very high and there is a large surgical case load. Medical work-ups can be limited and benefit schemes are similar to corporate practice. Charity work offers a very rapid way to gain a broad variety of experience.

 Other types of work that warrant consideration are:

  • Government departments
  • Research
  • Academia – internships and residencies
  • Industry roles

With so much choice there is a 'perfect vet job' out there for each of us, just make sure to do your research first and you'll find the one that is right for you. 

Good luck! 


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