Wednesday 13th Apr, 2016


You've got your first job! Getting the Work life Balance right!

If you have got this far you probably understand that being a vet is a vocation. Much more than just a “nine to five”career – you live to work (a bit) / work to live (a bit less).

However, working long hours and thinking about nothing else but Pudsey’s severely impacted anal glands can be very damaging personally and certainly not great for personal relationships.

In your first six months your learning will really begin….. 

  • How to single handedly implant a catheter at 2am
  • How to eat a sandwich while on the phone and at the same time sending a text message to order your supper from the local take-away
  • How to tell a client amazing news about their 12 new Labradoodle pups
  • How to care for a client who’s lifetime companion has just passed away
  • How to diagnose a condition based solely on the look on your receptionist's face as they put down the phone saying "Ok Mrs X, we'll see Tiny straight away!". 
  • How to treat that GDV in Tiny, the Great Dane!

Yes, there will be some long nights at work and you'll miss “The One Show”. You will go home knackered, stuff your gob full crappy food and crawl into bed….

But the pay back is truly enormous! On any one day you will have made a difference to so many lives! to so many animals lives! The trick is to remeber to have a life of your own!  


  • Keep in touch with your other graduate friends and meet up with them – you will find everyone is having very similar issues and may even have some solutions! 
  • Keep up your hobbies and interests – your brain can cope with thinking about many things and, in fact will relish the change in scenery!
  • Sport – you’ll go home mentally exhausted but definitely sleep better if your exercising your heart/legs/arms etc. as much as your brain – plus it’s a great way to meet local people
  • Book holidays and trips in advance – you always have something to look forward to and it puts natural breaks in so you can catch you breathe!

Your new practice will understand that the first six months are some of the most exciting and yet stressful of your life as a fully-fledged vet.

Hopefully, they will put breaks into your schedule, sometimes drag you out of the building and definitely encourage you to “get out there and enjoy yourself”.

People engage with people who engage and our clients are no different! – we know that to make you the best vet you have to be able to string a few words together - limiting your chat to “gastric dilatation and volvulus” or "milk volume" will make you a very dull friend and colleague - we want you to be able to talk about last nights local football derby/the price of a pint of milk/the new Jaguar XF or whatever!!!

We need you to be mostly conscious and definitely having some fun to do this – we look forward to enjoying your company and terrible jokes soon!!


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